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Tree of Life - Healing through the Spheres

Downtown Ashland House Concert

Lauren Pomerantz will perform live her Tree of Life CD recreating a healing process for participants.   Songs will be played bringing Divine Light into the  Keter (Crown) to our own feet and then to our Earth - healing and invigoration of each sphere of the Tree of Life through the medium of song.    PosterTreeofLife10-27-2019.pdf

By Reservation Only:   contact  to reserve your seat / make payment / and receive exact address of private home.

Getting Centered 

happiness :  is not about gain and loss when i get centered and remember.    its about being grateful to be alive .  the honor it is to give and to receive with grace ..


Click Here: You Tube Ho'oponopono Song 

To our great surprise and joy, someone anonymously made a beautiful you tube with gorgeous, spacious photos of Hawaii set to Lauren’s ‘Heal with Ho’oponopono’ song! 


We thank this fan very much and are happy to offer the link here for you all to enjoy and experience.  The HPP song is a remarkable healing prayer.   We welcome all feedback and stories of your experiences with this Hawaiian healing methodology.  HPP is now available as just a single song download (Lauren has both english and…

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Movies Anyone? 

Thought it would be fun to share about some of the movies I’ve seen at our film festival and give my opinion!  Everyone’s got one!   Also thought to include films others liked.   Then the  ones I say, “Just forget about it!”    What movies do you think were worth your time?   Love to hear..   Here's my list.

Really Liked and Recommend:

Mao’s Last Dancer (was my absolute FAVORITE)

The Kids Are All Right,    The Tillman Story,    The King’s Speech,   The Way Back,

The Tempest,   Waste Land,     Biutiful  

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Choices and Judgements 

I own that it is my sole responsibility for the choices I make and I do my very best to make the 'right' choice and so if there is some 'loss'  who's to say it is? and the truth is  "is that so?"  The moment's evaluation  of conditions are embedded in a larger story - like in the story of the man who has a horse wander in to his farm. Neighbors say " what good fortune."   He replies "Is that so?" His son rides the horse and breaks his leg.  Neighbors say "what bad fortune!"  He replies "Is that… Read more

Its 10 10 10 

How does time rush onward and the pumpkins are on display already?  Sorry about not blogging much.   I need to change that.   Well I'm in the Bay Area, and working on my next project: a Telemann  Canary Cantata which is a comedy-tragedy that has been fun to learn.   I think its important to never stop challenging myself to learn new pieces and dust off the gray matter.    This summer was highlighted by visits to the DC area my old stomping grounds visiting museums and friends, then to Sedona where I worked…

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What is your greater pleasure? New Year Suggestions from Lauren 

How do we not drag into the new year all the self destructive ways of the past year 2009.   Things we know bring a loss of self-esteem but still do anyway?   This was asked of me this morning and here is a sum up of suggestions that came to mind:

1)  Ask yourself :  What is your greatest pleasure?   How will you feel about yourself as you turn into 2011 with new way of being versus more of the same self-defeating actions?   Can you do it for just 24 hours and make a new choice if you don't like what…

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Happy Holidays - Avatar 

  • Wow. 2010 around the corner.   A new decade.   We are here already - winter Soltice and many with family and friends.   My daughter and I went to see Avatar yesterday.   We were both highly impressed, moved, entertained, inspired, empowered.   A whole world is created by the film that one can see and feel in 2 hours what would be argued and explained for days on end.    The magnificent beauty of the integrated respectful feeling beings with their home planet versus the greed and short sightedness of the…
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Let's talk 

It's time to make this site more and more interesting for all of you and for me.  Welcome to my blog.  There are so many interesting things that go on in the world of music, art, astrology, world changes, spirituality, relationships, joy of living etc. that we can discuss.  So please look here often, watch for updates on facebook and let's chat!  

Blessings to you all this festive season.  Lauren