Happy Holidays - Avatar

  • Wow. 2010 around the corner.   A new decade.   We are here already - winter Soltice and many with family and friends.   My daughter and I went to see Avatar yesterday.   We were both highly impressed, moved, entertained, inspired, empowered.   A whole world is created by the film that one can see and feel in 2 hours what would be argued and explained for days on end.    The magnificent beauty of the integrated respectful feeling beings with their home planet versus the greed and short sightedness of the 'attackers' is displayed at its creative and excited best.    It may seem like it would be totally cliche,  but for me it really awakens Spirit to Itself.  It lighted for me a spiritual flame as a holiday movie at best can do.   It took what I loved about Pocahantas and the Matrix and came up with something not seen before.   The music of Horner alone would draw me in with  ethno-musicology as its foundation.   I would love to know what you experienced if you choose to see it.   

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