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"A cosmic troubadour in the finest sense, Lauren's voice
opens a spiritual space that is immediate and palpable." 
Tom Kenyon

Welcome to my site where I am delighted to share my music –inspired by classical music, spiritual revelations and ancient wisdom.


It is my passion to provide you with more than just great music. I offer musical tools to uplift, heal and clarify your world, as well as music to enliven and bring passion into your life.

Songbird Music offers music in two main areas, the first is Early Music: Multi-cultural and Sephardic Music from Medieval Spain and Renaissance Music from Spain and England. 

The Early Spanish Music is rich, enlivening, and timeless. It celebrates the Jewels that were created when Medieval Spain led the world in collaboration in arts & sciences. These songs are sung in Ladino (Jewish Spanish), Hebrew, Galecian, and Arabic). They tell potent stories from the lives of human hearts throughout time - serenades of longing and loss, or celebrations of birth and love.  My many years in Spain and Early Music led to these Sephardic jewels.

  • Jewels of the Sephardim
  • Wings of Time
  • Radiance of Faith - Live Concert
  • Renaissance Music from Spain and England - Voice and Lute 

Songbird Music equally has music to soothe and heal.  The music is designed to transport your spirit to new uplifting levels and connect to the Divine Light and Love we are.

  • Tree of Life (based on the spheres from the Flower of Life and Kaballah)
  • Ecstatic Communion - soprano vocals without words, lush symphonic keyboards
  • Sweetly Sing a Lullaby - original and traditional uplifting songs for purity
  • Heal with Ho'oponopono - an amazing forgiveness tool from Hawaii 
  • Healing Ocean Whale Songs - live recordings of Maui whales and odes to Water

If you wish to hear a live tv program where I explain more of my musical journey, here is the link below:


VIDEO LINK :  Here is the link to the local public tv show called: a Focus on:


a  Mystical Musical Travelogue by Lauren Pomerantz.  I'm thrilled to share now: Either click or cut and paste into your browser and the show will begin.  Its 59 minutes:




I'd love your feedback and thank you for your support! 

Wishing you many loving blessings and days of kindness,





Lauren Pomerantz

Songbird Music -USA   on Facebook     Updated June 2020


My music is available for purchase in digital as well as physical CD format. If you don't see what you are looking for in my shop, please contact me!

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